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The TG Method


CrossFit TG prides itself on being able to offer two kinds of group-based fitness classes. One dedicated to CrossFit Strength and the other is dedicated to CrossFit Conditioning (Metcon).

The group-based class arrangement creates a supportive atmosphere that will help you workout and reach your fitness goals alongside making new friends. Brad designs all the workouts in the classes (this is called programming) and all the TG members follow this programme.

What is done in the classes is different everyday (apart from when we test our progress, see below). This is a great thing about CrossFit; you never get bored of doing the same workouts over and over again, and are always learning something new! However, you will notice a pattern to what you do in the classes each week because each class follows a structured 6-week cycle fitness programme. The reason for this is so Brad can focus your fitness on particular areas, for example improving your squat and cardiovascular endurance or helping you get that pull-up you have been trying for years to get!

The focus of the workouts in the 6-week cycle are explained to the members through a monthly email sent by Brad. In addition to this Brad will post what the workouts are for the coming week on a Sunday afternoon. This will give you the freedom to plan your fitness schedule around your busy lives.

Check out our blog for examples on programming.

“It’s really useful to see how the strength programming builds and develops week by week as well as how Metcon workouts set a standard to build and improve upon too.”

“Best way of getting and keeping fit. A way to continue a competitive lifestyle after conventional team sports.”

As each class is coached by Brad, and each workout is tailored to your goals and personal starting point this is a format very similar to having your own personal trainer. Brad is there to work with you and support you along your journey at TG, and if you stick to it not only will you reach your fitness goals but you will make many more friends along the way.

“Brad is really helpful at identifying areas you may be weak at in a lift/movement, but is equally encouraging when you are getting it right.”

Finally, both the CrossFit Strength and CrossFit Metcon classes run back to back every weekday (Monday to Friday). You can choose if you want to come to just the CrossFit Strength class or the CrossFit Metcon class, or you can come to both. What you do is your choice. If you are unsure what class is best for you just ask Brad either at the gym, by email or phone. He is more than happy to help organise your fitness schedule.